Upcoming Events

Hi there
In light of the current crisis facing the country, and the Government’s requests to limit human contact as much as possible etc, the Club has decided to suspend meetings and gatherings for the foreseeable future.  It is far better to be safe than sorry a few weeks down the line.
The club demographics are such that many of us are in or approaching the at-risk age group (including our committee), and are advised to remain at home.
The Club committee has yet to determine how this will play out regarding our monthly meeting, but we will endeavour to keep the club functioning, all-be-it in a reduced manner, and keep you advised.
We will continue to monitor Peugeot news and activities and keep you posted!  At present all Peugeot’s plants in Europe are shut-down
Look after yourself and your family.
Malcolm Edgar
027 232 4043


ANNIVERSARY RALLY for the 404. In 2010 Sven Slager and Tony Haycock organised a highly successful 50th anniversary run for owners of the 404, with about 20 cars participating in a run from Picton to Akaroa near Christchurch. Sven has advised he is planning a 60th anniversary run in 2020 and hopes he can attract an equally impressive entry of 404s with a run in the central North Island. Sven is keen to hear from fellow 404 owners on their thoughts and interest in such a run. Contact Sven at 027 769 5919 or email sven@slager.co.nz