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Why is a membership beneficial to you ?

For the mechanically minded
Technical Afternoon

If you have trouble with your car, or just like to tinker, there is a wealth of technical experience in Peugeot cars to draw on amongst members of the club. This is freely offered to the home mechanic. Our own technical officers are there to assist with advice etc, and we periodically hold technical sessions for those wishing to work on their cars. There is also a library of technical manuals for reference, and we have available a range of parts for sale at reduced prices, though mostly for older models. These have been purchased by the club from ex-dealers. If required, assistance can be offered in locating hard to find parts, and in some centres price concessions on dealer parts and accessories can be obtained.

For the Armchair Enthusiast


Our magazine PEUGEOT Torque is produced quarterly and we try and make this one of the better motoring club magazines in New Zealand. It contains news and information from within New Zealand and overseas on the latest (and older) models from PEUGEOT. Flyers keep members up to date with the forthcoming club programme, headline news, cars for sale etc.

For the Driver

Though the club is not motor sport based, events are nevertheless held to interest the driver-owner, sometimes in association with other similar clubs. These are mildly competitive and use different types of driving skill, for instance – trials (can you find your way), economy run (how many km/L can you get), gymkhanas (driving round the cones) and for the polisher – the concours d’elegance. As the club is not affiliated to MANZ, you do not need to be a ‘racing driver’ to take part.

For the socially inclinedSocial Event

Regular club nights are held in Wellington.  Members have a chance to chat and discuss their problems, watch films, listen to visiting speakers etc.  We also take part in picnics and other social outings and visits.  Many couples are members of our sociable club.  You are invited to attend any regular meeting (see details of the next meeting here).

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